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ÎôčńThe name of the closed joint-stock company “VIP” has been given not occasionally and says by itself. We work for the customers who have serious requirements and appreciate high quality.

In 2001 the group of high professional experts and businessmen decided to found a new high-tech manufacturing department and that’s how our company appeared. We have borrowed the most productive results from the Ural military-industrial establishment which is still famous for its production level from a long time ago, and such reputation is really deserved and proved. As it is known, many serious foreign companies are still dreaming about getting that level, but for our customers it is available from the very beginning of our relationship!

“VIP” will assist in repairing and reconstruction of production facilities for your enterprise: we supply with high-quality serial items and by the piece item, parts required for repairing and reconstruction of industrial equipment. The most important peculiarity of our production is its service life which is 1,5-2 times longer in comparison to the similar items service life. It becomes possible due to unique production technique. That’s why among our customers we have major enterprises such as cement industry, metallurgical plants and ore mining and processing enterprises (see section “Our partners”). For the all years of working “VIP” had been receiving plenty of gratifying diplomas from its customers, who managed to save great funds of money on modernization and repairing their enterprises owing to our company.

All types of metallurgical conversion and also complex technology, which includes steel melting in the induction crucible furnace and production of any carbonic and high alloys are available for our company. Our customers have a great choice of services. “VIP” production is very flexible and due to that fact any required detail can be manufactured even in one unique copy. Besides, we use all alloys according to GOST for details production, and also we deal with alloys that are not GOST regulated (according to compositions and drawings provided by the customers). Any steel, any iron, with any chemical composition is possible for us! Nonferrous alloys are also in a process of production spectrum. It means that you do not need to look for different manufacturer for making different details. Just one plant in the same city can manufacture all details and you will not spend time for negotiations, on moving from plant to plant and etc. Our company is universal; it’s a genuine creation of a new century.

Details produced by “VIP” successfully functions in the most complicated production conditions: at high temperatures and pressures, in corrosive chemical mediums. Manufactured detail weight is 1800 kg maximum.

Our personnel have high qualified specialists, who are able to design unique drawings, to make calculations for manufacturing a required item, and of course we guarantee the accuracy of the calculation and bear full responsibility for all designed details.

We have a full production basis at our disposal: there are two sectors for patterns production, foundry and mechanical operation shops, proving ground, quality check production laboratory. Quality check production runs according to all parameters and it is realized after each produced consignment. By request of the customer we can also manufacture 2 or 3 sample pieces at first. And after samples testing in real conditions of concrete production the main goods consignment is to be produced.

About 100 people are busy in our process of production; the work in the shops is organized in three shifts. There are good prospects for production increasing.

  The closed joint-stock company “VIP” provides its any customer a firm guarantee of:
-the highest quality of manufactured details;
-reasonable prices;
-a flexible discount and  payment systems (depending on each order characteristic);
-meeting all taken commitments on time and precisely.

“VIP” is really VIP!

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