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The closed joint-stock company “VIP” has successfully organized output of serial and more essential production for customers long ago. All production is distinguished by its high quality manufacturing  and the newest technologies are used for production process. These technologies were designed by the Russian and foreign specialists. The experienced and skillful personnel properly perform all processing operations. A special laboratory is equipped with high-precision import machinery for each item quality test. “VIP” never saves money on its customers.

The products quality of the closed joint-stock company “VIP” allows our customers to avoid unplanned idle time of their manufacturing equipment. We provide the customers of our company a guarantee of perfect work production ordered for the period stated in the documentation. “VIP” devotes its work to the serious people and knows there preferences. We do not let any unexpected situation to happen - everything is planned and safely guaranteed.

The materials for manufacturing items are all steel grades with a furnace thermal regime at 500-1350ºC, and also corrosion-resistance and wear-resisting steels and irons.

Here is the list of high-reliability serial details, every consignment of which is manufactured according to the particular customer order:
-grate-bars for cooling beds like “Volga-50CA”, “Volga-75CA”, “Kawasaki” (R.H., L.H., with an angle protrusion, special, with overfire air, regular);
-pourers, barrels, bottoms;
-gates, removable cutters (R.H. and L.H.);
-containers for pouring (R.H., L.H., central);
-slot sectors;
-thresholds plate and airborne plates;
-armoring plates;
-cooling beds for continuous casting bars machines, max weight is up to 68 kg;
-rollers with working surfacing (weight -110, 257, 573 kg);
-long-length rolls (diameter - 20-1340 mm, length - 1960-8340 mm);
-alloyed certified fasteners (from M6 to M120);
-hydraulic cylinders for integrated iron-and steel works, thrusters, autocranes, excavating machines and other machinery;
-high-precision details and casting;
-armour lining bolts (nominal thread diameter varies from 20 to 96 mm, any length), the bolts can be supplied together with nuts and washers according to the customers order;
-manganese and non-ferrous castings;
-spare parts for pumps: injection cover, guide, suction cover, impellers, internal pump housing, external pump housing;
-spare parts for turbines, compressors;
-bushings made from BrA9JZL, BrOF10-1, BrOCS5-5 bronze grades (all castings are centrifugal and a high quality is guaranteed);
-spindles st 40H24N12SL (weight – 82, 156, 497 kg);
-compensators (volume – 8.2 and 56.2 m3);
-shells (weight – 23670, 58700 kg);
-rods (diameter – 95-620 mm, length – 1560-5380 mm);
-high pressure devices (from 100 to 2500 atm);
-ball cocks (diameter – up to 1400 mm);
-ball tanks and gas holders;
-back gates;
-casted chains, regular and high-temperature, with links of different configuration and geometry.

We especially draw your attention to the fact of manufacturing casted chains according to the unique technology, which is a property of the closed joint-stock company “VIP”. Special casting methods, used for manufacturing, guarantee unique operating characteristics at comparatively low cost of production. The chains are high-temperature, with round and oval forms.


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